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1st practice for Night Market confirmed

Saturday, August 29th will be the first practice for the perfomance scheduled for September 11.

Time to be announced.

Background Dancers needed for the Richmond Night Market performance on September 11!



Song 1 “Never let you go”
by Dominique Leyretana (feat Mike Macken)

This is an Urban/Pop, Mid tempo track that will need 2 girls and 2 guys.

Song 2 “It’s you”
by Dominique Leyretana

This is an R&B Mid tempo track that will need 2 girls & 3 guys.


We’d like to start practicing as soon as Aug 21-22.
If you’re interested and can dedicate a few hours
per week, please confirm with us A.S.A.P.

Ph: (604) 724-9988

Email: nightmarket@systemorange.com

I’m making changes

The site will be transitioning to a project and file access point for all Fresh Groove Production Studio Clients. I’ll also be updating the progress of the Studio build in Richmond B.C. which will be complete by February 2010. *knock on wood*