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Lots of Starwars ahead…

Got the news that Disney bought Lucas films and that they are now working on a new StarWars trilogy. In keeping with that theme I bought the newly released Angry Birds StarWars HD edition. Tiny birds with light sabers. So far it’s pretty good. This should keep my mind of the fact the Lakers are taking a dump early in this NBA season.


Been working hard on a number of projects. I’ve been fortunate to add two talented, hard working guys to the studio. We’ve managed to get a few tracks on a mix tape and we’ve now got a few tracks okayed by a local artists management that might end up on his first album. We’re also working with 3 local artists and producing a few videos for a show this December, 2012. I’ll try to update this thing a little more.

1st practice for Night Market confirmed

Saturday, August 29th will be the first practice for the perfomance scheduled for September 11.

Time to be announced.